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Become an introducer with us.

If you have business to introduce, there are substantial commissions to be earned. If you are unfamiliar with any particular financial marketplace or if you’d just rather leave it to us to handle, we will happily assist and help to see it through to completion. With outstanding customer service levels we maintain introducer relationships by working with introducers almost as your outsourced third party. This allows you to retain your client relationship and provide them with what they need. 

Our experience and expertise means we can package an application in the way most suited to the lenders and we follow the process through closely so any deals are done in a timely fashion. 

Stallion Finance are professional commercial finance specialists for all business finance needs.

We can help with all types of commercial finance – development finance, bridging loans, commercial mortgages, unsecured business loans and many other forms of commercial finance. We are in constant contact with all our lenders and have the most up to date information on what they are looking for. We will find the best solution for you and your client and then tailor the presentation and submit the deal. We aim to provide reliable Heads of Terms within 24 to 48 hours of receiving all relevant information.

Who are your Introducers?

We receive introductions from Accountants, Financial Advisors, Mortgage Brokers, Solicitors and Tax Advisors and others in the professional sector with clients.  

What types of Deals do you place?

We can place deals for a plethora of different areas including bespoke products, so it is always best to get in touch and find out what works best for your client.

How do your Commission Payments work?

We will share the commission we receive from the lender with you 50/50. Please contact us and we will discuss in further detail.

What is the step by step process?

1. Contact us 

Contact us on with your enquiry.​

2. Deal Assessment

One of our specialist consultants will assess your deal and will come back to you with any questions or queries. Once we have all the information we require, we will short-list a few lenders with the most appropriate finance options.

3. Indicactive Terms are Produced​

The indicative terms will show: pricing, fees to be paid by the client, lending criteria, application Form and document check list

4. Client Approves Terms​

Once the most appropriate option has been agreed, the formal application procedure with the chosen lender begins.

5. Lender Formalises Decision

The lender will review the application with typically one of 3 outcomes:

Accepted – offer accepted, subject to valuation, legals and credit check

Further information – lender asks for further information to support the application

Declined – lender declines the application.

In the unusual event of a decline, we will determine why, and decide on an alternative course of action. We try to avoid declined applications as much as possible, by discussing with the lender prior to formal application their thoughts. 

6. Completion Management

If the application is approved or accept Stallion Finance will handle the completion management of the case.

What should I do next?

Please contact us on or via our webform. 

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